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January 2016 Favorites

Hi ladies! It’s the time of the month again. I’ve been seeing bloggers and youtubers posting their January favorite products, and here is mine!!



I am really loving these products, not easy to find though! I’ve been looking for Herbal essence in Watsons near our place, unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. I always purchase mine at WellWorth Supermarket in UP Town, and I think I’ve seen these on SM Supermarket. 

The Shampoo isn’t my most favorite, actually. I can live without it. But the conditioner is my Holy Grail! It makes my hair so soft and manageable. I love the scent, it smells so sophisticated. 
I also love the body wash, it can really remove dirt without drying out my skin. In fact, I find it very moisturizing! I also use it for clean my makeup brushes, and it works so well as my brush cleaner.


My Holy Grail makeup removers for kissproof, bulletproof, waterproof products! It’s a bit pricey, but hey, it works really, really well in removing all my makeup! 
I absolutely love the Biore Cleansing wipes especially when I’m doing blogpost on lip swatches of kissproof products, it’s the only makeup remover wipes that can remove la splash, menow kissproof, la girl matte and colourpop ultra matte in a jiffy. 
However, for everyday makeup remover, I use my Biore Cleansing oil. It works so well in removing my makeup, even waterproof mascara. I also noticed that my skin actually looked better ever since I started using this! I really love it. If you’re a heavy makeup wearer, you gotta try this!

Olay anti-aging and whitening cream is still my Holy Grail moisturizer. However, for night cream, I like using Loreal Revatalift. 
The consistency is quite thick and heavy, but since I do stay in an airconditioned room, I don’t really mind. However, whenever I’ll be staying in a place with just electric fan as my ventilation, I try to stay away from using heavy creams like loreal because I noticed that my skin becomes too oily the next morning. I don’t know if that’s just me. 

For years, I have been only using Etude House drawing eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows. I am satisfied with it especially since it’s so affordable and easy to use! But I realized that I like the Faceshop better. Etude house is more soft hence more pigmented, which is not ideal for an eyebrow pencil. I noticed that Faceshop Design My Eyebrows is less pigmented, therefore, makes my eyebrows appear more natural.
For eyebrow mascara, nothing has ever beaten Kate Tokyo brow mascara in my heart. It’s still the best one! 


I actually use The Faceshop Oil Control Cushion BB Cream and Revlon Colorstay alternately. I  forgot to take a photo of the TFS but it’s also one of my favorite bases for January. 
Revlon Colorstay has really good staying power, especially with Becca Primer underneath. However, the shade I got is Sand Beige, and it really oxidizes on me. At the end of the day, I noticed that my skin appears a bit darker.
I hate that Revlon colorstay doesn’t come with a pump. I always end up wasting tons of products. Ugh.  Anyways, on the good side, Revlon colorstay is a full-coverage liquid foundation that appears like your second-skin. It's very rare to find a full coverage that will give you the most natural finish, and Revlon colorstay is one of those foundations. 

Kate Tokyo Powderless foundation is my well-loved foundation, a bottle of this lasted me almost two years! I love it that I got worried when I ran out of it, gladly, they went on 10% sale last week. I like the consistency, the finish, the easy-application, the pump and almost everything about this product! Will def repurchase this over and over!


I haven’t had any zit recently but whenever I do, I always reach for this or my Belo. Though, I highly recommend this one because it works just like Belo but made more affordable. 
I saw a large tube of this, finally! If you get zits more often, you should get the large tube.

Surprise surprise! It’s been a while since I posted a favorite powder foundation as I always breakout with any powder foundation. 
When it comes to finish, Kate Tokyo powder is still my favorite. But for oil control, Maybelline Superfresh is actually a good buy! It’s really affordable and can really keep your oils at bay!


This is my first cream contour product and I have nothing yet to compare it with. I actually love it, but not totally obsessed with it. I have been using it non-stop over the past few days; I really like how it makes my face appear slimmer. 

Sta Lucia has a really beautiful peachy-pink blush shade. It goes nicely with the contour cream it comes it. However, the longevity is quite average. Make sure to find a powder to set it with. I use my Krave minerals contour to set the contour powder. Though, I am considering buying the powder version of Sta. Lucia.


I’ve mentioned this on my can’t live without products review! It’s so good, guys! You really have to try it out. 

Blending this product on my cheeks is such a breeze. You can use it on before or after your setting powder. The best thing about this product? It looks so natural and stays on the entire day on my cheeks. I’m not kidding. It stays on forever, I love it! No need to retouch the whole day.


I will cheat a little on this, as I only received it recently! BUT I instantly fell inlove with it. It’s way, way, way better than any highlighter I’ve tried. Even Benefit High Beam has no match on it! I've been using it for straight week, and I'm still inlove with it.
It gave my skin a really natural glow. It doesn’t look fake at all. I can’t stop staring at my skin the moment I put it on. The powder is super soft, with pearly sheen that gives my skin a luminous glow! Thank you Yette and Jhessica for recommending this to me!


I have tried tons of primer from different brands like Quickfx, Etude House, Bioderma, Yves Roche, Loreal, Benefit and so on. But this one, this one is the best oil control primer ever – or atleast for me!
I apply it on morning and I don’t have to retouch my face all day! 

January is crazy month for lip products for me! I went really cray cray. I wear different lipsticks almost everyday, hence, I have tons of lip faves to show you! Please bear with me as I cannot NOT show them to you! They’re all amazing.

Naked is such a gorgeous peachy nude shade. It looks so beautiful with Elf Blush and Contour in Sta. Lucia! It will appear even more beautiful with smokey eyes!

I used to hate it because it feels tacky on my lips, and it’s so uncomfortable. Then, one day, I tried applying it without putting my lips together and it works! 
Use the applicator to apply and evens out the product on your lips, never ever press your lips together while the product is still wet. 

Dreamy and Fleur are the great everyday shade. I will probably love Fleur more on summer days. But right now, Dreamy is still my go-to lip shade.


Though a lot of brands came out with amazing, amazing liquid lipstick formulations, Nyx Soft Lip Cream has really unique formulation in it and nothing has ever replaced it yet in my heart. 
If I want to wear matte, liquid lipstick that is not drying at all, I always reach for this. 

These three shades are very lovely! Amsterdam is currently my favorite red lipstick. Prague and Milan appear similar in swatches but Prague has more purple-ish, mauve tone to it while Milan is more pink-mauve. I love them both equally. 

I might purchase more Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the future! I am still inlove with these even after so many years.


I rarely “hit pan” on a lipstick! The first and last lipstick I hit pan on was my Nyx Roundlipstick in Tea Rose, and it happened 3-4 years ago!
So I was so surprised when I actually ran out of my Wet n Wild Lip Balm stain in Rico Mauve! I never really thought that I love it that much. 

Rico Mauve is a gorgeous shade, I know! And it’s actually my default lip shade. I always bring it with me more than any lip product in my collection. It’s quite sheer, hence, I can apply it even without looking at the mirror, especially when I'm commuting. It's probably the reason why I always have it with me, it’s a fool-proof product. Just swipe it on your lips and your good to go. 

The tube in the picture is actually my second tube of Rico Mauve and you can see how much I’ve already used it.

Another product that I didn’t expect to really love is Revlon Matte Balm. The formulation is really amazing!!! It’s been out in the market for ages, but I can’t believe that I have only tried it now. Sultry isn’t my kind of shade, actually. It’s a deep red-brown shade. It looks beautiful though. There are days when I wanted to look a bit different, I find myself reaching for this shade. Now, I'm thinking of getting Elusive! Shopee promo code, please?


This is my kind of shade, as well as the Colourpop in Solow! La Girl Matte in Dreamy, Colourpop in Solow and Ofra in Laguna Beach are currently my favorite pinks. They’re very gorgeous everyday pink shades. I use them alternately, depending on the mood of my lips. Hhaha! 

When my lips are super dry, I use Laguna Beach because it’s the most non-drying of all. I use La Girl Matte and Colourpop when I have time to apply LipBalm underneath. 
I have to mention how disappointed I am with the packaging of this Ofra Long Lasting lipstick! Look at that! You can barely see any print on it, I swear! Not even the shade of product! Not good, considering that Ofra Long Lasting lipsticks are quite a high-end product when it comes to price! 


Among all the liquid lipsticks I have, this is my most favorite shade! If only I can wear it every single day. But the formulation is quite drying since it's an ultra-matte lipstick. It has the tendency to emphasize the lines on my lips if not well-moisturized. 
Even though I want to wear it everyday, I need to alternately use it with other moisturizing lipsticks. But overall, I am inlove with this shade! 


La Splash makes the best formulation for liquid lipsticks. Latte Confession in particular has the best formulation among all the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. It isn’t too drying yet very, very long lasting! It’s 100% kissproof and transfer-proof. 

Latte Confession reminds me of Revlon Colorstay in Sultry, only in a liquid lipstick formulation. Ginny is a nice shade, too! It’s a good everyday shade, I would say that it has a nice balance of pink and peach shade. I really like it too


I am really loving these lipsticks. They are drying, but not intensely as drying as most liquid lipsticks. If you can wear Colourpop ultra matte, you can definitely wear this more!
They have really good selection for brown-nude kylie jenner inspired lips. I am not fond of brown lips, but it’s a good shade to have especially if you like doing different makeup looks everyday. 

004 is my favorite shade but it’s quite patchy and tricky to apply. 016 has best formulation, and looks so beautiful on me. It’s a pink shade that leans toward being coral, if that makes sense.

008 and 015 are great nude shades, 008 has nice formulation for brown shade. 015 reminds me so much of Ever Bilena in Mauvey.


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