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BB Cream – has got to be one of my favorite innovations in cosmetic industry and I would like to think that because of its success, CC and DD Cream were born.  Honestly, the difference between BB and CC Cream is quite subtle. CC Cream stands for Color correcting, while BB Cream is blemish balm. Normally, BB Creams are thicker in consistency than CC Creams but still lighter than foundation. Coverage-wise, CC Cream has little to no coverage. It is meant to brightens up skintone rather than cover imperfections.

I’ve tried three or four CC Creams before trying this QUICK Fx CC Cream. I can say that this is very comparable to Avon CC Cream, only made more affordable and comes in a sachet which can be your best buddy for travelling.

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Honestly, it took me a while to like this product. I didn’t like it on myself, until I’ve tried it to my friends when I did their makeup. And I'm surprised with its effect: It does really brightens up your skin!
The packaging is similar to that of the No Shine Mattifier, the best seller product and my personal favorite from Quick Fx. It came into a sachet with twist-lock cap, perfect for travelling.
The consistency is quite runny, in a white minty color. It has brown particles in it, this technology was not new to me. I was introduced in this technology 5 years ago when I reviewed Luview BB Cream. When you blend it out, the cream turns into yellowish/brown color which blends naturally on the skintone.
The coverage is very sheer. I would say that it provides little to no coverage. But, holy cow, it truly is a brightening cream! I’ve tried it from dark to lighter skintone and blends evenly and perfectly, even on matured skin!
Here is a before and after photo of me wearing QuickFX CC Cream. Please bear with me in this photo, I took this photo about one or two months ago when my skin was still breaking out so badly.. we all have that moment, anyways! As you can see, it doesn't cover up the blemishes nor minimizes the redness. But you can definitely see the GLOW in my face!
CC Cream is very moisturizing on my skin. For dry skin, this is a heaven-sent. I gave some sachet to my friend and she loved it! But for women with oily skin, like I do, I noticed that my skin becomes too shiny at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, for girls with oily skin, you might not like it because it doesn't have any oil control properties in it, and it transfers alot! However, keep in my mind that what works for me might not works for you, or the other way around! You know what they say, "You'll never know unless you try it yourself!" Afterall, the product is sooo affordable and won't hurt your pocket. 

Have you tried this CC Cream? What do you think?

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