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“Favorite products for the month” is my one of my favorite posts to read for an obvious reason… because it’s the list of the products that really stands out among the rest. As a blogger, I really don’t like doing monthly favorites just for the sake of uploading one for a month. I don’t oblige myself to post because everyone’s sharing their favorites already. If I found things that are worth mentioning, then, that’s the only time I’ll do post like this. Hence, I usually end up doing maybe at least 3 monthly favorites for the entire year already! LOL.

Last month, I shared with you my January favorites and I have to say that almost all products featured in that post are still amazing; I love them and will continue to use them. But because I’ve tried a lot of products in February, my makeup routine has changed a little and some products became my instant favorites.



For the month of February, I have not tried, nor even touched any other skincare moisturizers other than Olay Anti-aging and Whitening Cream. It’s my Holy Grail moisturizer, and I still have a bottle as backup.
My friend, Dina of Hot Stuff (facebook), sent me Dr. Alvin Professional Skincare to try. I’ve seen Dr. Alvin products almost everywhere, but beware, as there are fake Dr. Alvin products! The skincare I received is called “Dr. Alvin Professional Rejuvenating Set.” I honestly think that these are very effective! Rejuvenating set has anti-acne, anti-aging and whitening benefits. I’ll do a detailed review on this next time! (Photo taken from professionalskincareformulabydralvin.blogspot.com)
My Human Nature Sunflower Oil has got to be my best buddy while I was still using the Dr. Alvin’s set. My skin was really dried out. But using this before I go bed makes my skin feels a lot better and more moisturized. It somehow minimizes the effect of the peeling, plus it’s an all in one product.  I use it on my face at night to moisturize my skin, I use it on my hair, I use it on my body… I use it a lot! I will definitely repurchase when I run out of this. 


I've been really enjoying this 10 pcs Unbranded Brush (that I sell, will review it soon) set! Yes, this is not the best brush set ever but the brushes included in this set are not the usual brushes you'll see in a set. The small brushes are great for concealers and applying setting powder on my undereye. 
Also, the flat top brush included in this set is currently my favorite tool to apply my Kate Tokyo powderless foundation (still my favorite foundation ever!). The reason why I love this flat top brush is because the brittles are a bit loose compared to normal flat top brushes (or even Real Technique buffing brush) but still has that "dense", hence, makes the foundation appear more natural on my skin.  
For setting powder, I’ve been really loving my RCMA No Color Setting Powder. I’m not a powder foundation type of person, I enjoy liquid foundation then setting it with a loose powder. 

Between 3W Clinic, Ben Nye Banana Powder and RCMA No color powder, I like RCMA a bit more.  But it doesn’t mean that the others were not good or less better. It's just that RCMA fits my makeup routine today. If I had BB Creams or Foundations that appear too light, too grayish or too pinkish on me, I will definitely reach for Ben Nye Banana Powder. Nothing can fix it like Ben Nye Banana Powder. But it terms of longevity and oil control, Ben Nye is the least among the 3 setting powder. 

As for 3W Clinic vs RCMA, I would say that both are really, really good as setting powder! In fact, I did test them out at work by applying RCMA on the half of my face and 3W Clinic on the other half. They did not settle on my dry parts of my face, they both take some of the shine out and really cling on my face until the end of the day. The only reason why I like RCMA a little more than 3W Clinic is because I like “Baking” recently! Since RCMA has that “white” color in it compared to “pink” color of 3W Clinic, RCMA appears more intense and obvious when I use it for “baking” and gives a better effect especially under my eyes. (Photo taken from marikapurena.wordpress.com)

For liquid blush, EB Advance Lip and Cheek Tint is still the best ever! But for powder blushes, surprisingly, I have two new faves! It’s very rare for me to like two powder blushes in a span of one month. But I really enjoyed using Nars Orgasm and Ever Bilena in Amethyste for the whole month of February. Though, I have to admit, I use Nars Orgasm like mad a woman ever since I got it!
Nars Orgasm is such a gorgeous shade, it’s really really really gorgeous! I thought I like matte-blush but I realized that blushes with shimmers are the bomb! I will do a separate review on EB Amethyste and Nars Orgasms. 

For me, choosing the best lipsticks in a collection is like choosing which of all the “top notchers of different courses” is the best. It’s really difficult as one is good for certain purpose/reason. Since I have too many favorite lipsticks, I trimmed it down to top 5 most used lipsticks! 
Menow Kissproof #6 which reminds me so much of LA Girl Matte in Fleur. It is beautiful most especially with coral blushes like Milani in Luminoso.
Ofra Liquid Lipsticks in Laguna Beach. Such a beautiful pinky nude shade! While I like liquid lipsticks, I don’t like how most of them wear off during the day. Very uneven – not pretty especially after meal! Hence, I like Ofra liquid lipsticks. It’s not drying at all and doesn’t look weird on my lips as it fades. The only thing I hate though is the packaging! The packaging sucks bigtime! It's so cheap looking and not sturdy at all. It frustrates me knowing that a tube of this is about Php 900! 
Colourpop in Solow. Why are you so beautiful and yet so drying, whyyy?! This has got to be my fave shades of all the lipsticks I have, but sometimes, I cannot wear it because it’s so effin’ drying on lips. But the color….gorgeous! I love it so much!
Revlon Balm Stain in Sultry. Never thought I would like this for everyday. I rarely wear deep reds, but this one feels so nice on my lips that I cannot resist not wearing it! It’s matte yet non-drying, and it’s amazing! I especially like the minty-feel it gives my lips!
La Splash in Ginny. I really like LA Splash formulations. I’m actually torn between Latte Confession and Ginny since I only have one spot left for my top 5 for February. But I believe I used this even more than the Latte Confession since I’m a “my lips but better” kind of person. I like light and nude-ish pink or color shade than brighter or darker shades. 

What are your top picks for February?

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