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Real Techniques Complexion Sponge versus Beauty Cosmetics Egg Sponge

Having good tools is just as important as having good cosmetics. Sometimes, we keep on looking for the “perfect” product that we tend to overlook the importance of choosing the right tools for you. From years of blogging, I’ve learned that it is not always about the “brand” or the “formulation” of the makeup that matters. It is equally vital to find a good quality tool. However, price doesn’t always guarantee quality. There are really great yet affordable tools in the market that you might want to try. Today, I’ll be sharing one of my favorites tools for liquid foundation and for baking.. my Beauty Cosmetics Egg Sponge.


Beauty Blender is like the mother of all egg sponges. I know some who can’t live without it. As for me, I have not really convinced myself yet to shell out that amount of money for..well..a sponge. I still feel that it is way too pricey! So, I did look for “dupes” or cheaper alternative. And the best, and hands down, my favorite of all the sponges I’ve tried is the one from beauty cosmetics. 

I have tried many sponges from different brands like Etude House, Real Techniques, Daiso, FS Cosmetics, unbranded sponges and of course, the Beauty Cosmetics. As far as I can remember, I like the way my foundation applies with Real Technique Sponge. The shape was quite unique; I have not seen anything like it from any brand. It has the “typical” egg shape with pointed top but the other side has flat surface. The only issue I have with Real Techniques Complexion sponge is that it is not durable. I’ve only had it for 3 months, or a little more maybe, and the sponge starts to breakdown. I’ve seen couple of chunks missing until I cannot use it anymore. Given the price, it’s not cheap for the amount of time I was able to use it. 
I remember having the Beauty Cosmetics Egg sponge back in 2012, I actually reviewed in on my blog HERE. I really like it before, so I decided to repurchase it again to replace my Real Techniques Sponge.

Not surprisingly, I fell inlove again! They are now available in 2 sizes: small and regular size. Unlike before, they don’t come in a cylindrical plastic container, rather in just a plastic. 

The BC has no odor, which is a thumbs up for me! Although, I noticed that the regular size which came in the hot pink shade bleeds a lot compared to the small size (pale pink). I had this for more than a month now, and the hot pink (regular size) sponge still bleeds every time I wash it. The middle sponge, shown in the picture below, used to be a hot pink color, and now it appears like an almost pale pink shade.
I got myself 3 sponges: 2 in regular size (I use them alternately, kasi tamad ako to wash my sponges) and 1 in small size. 
I mainly use the regular size for liquid foundations. You can actually use it for dry or wet application. In my case, when the foundation has thick consistency or meant for medium to full coverage, I like using it wet as it will sheer out the coverage and make it appear more natural on my skin. But for foundation that is already runny and has sheer coverage, I still prefer using brush for the application. Also, make sure to squeeze out the excess amount of water on the sponge before using it, otherwise, you’ll end up with very uneven application. 

Oh, I also do not it wet when applying Kate Tokyo Powderless foundation. I noticed that that foundation doesn’t work with wet egg sponge. 

As for the mini size egg sponge, this is the bomb for baking!  After applying my base, I use the “dry” mini size to set the base with loose powder especially on my undereye area. The size is just so perfect for that application, I swear!

Overall, I highly, highly recommend Beauty Cosmetics Egg Sponges over Real Technique Complexion brush. You can already get 3 Beauty Cosmetics sponges for the price of one RT Complexion, and they basically give the same effect on my skin. 
I find BC Egg Sponge more durable as well. The only issue I had with Beauty Cosmetics was that the regular size egg sponge keeps on bleeding. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say to Beauty Cosmetics Egg Sponge. It's really a good buy! 

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