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Fashion21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer

Though Fashion21 has been around since ages, I have only discovered the brand just few years ago when their Fashion21 Double Up Mascara became one of the most highly raved mascaras for Filipinas (review HERE). In fact, until now it is still my Holy Grail mascara! Hands down, the best Local mascara I have ever tried in my life!

Anyways, this week I’ve been testing out a “new” (new to me) product from Fashion21. If you want to my thoughts on it, keep reading!


Fashion21 says,
There’s no need to look far for a great BB cream and concealer—it’s all in the Ultimate Cover. Our lightweight formula provides excellent coverage that maintains its color even in the face of sweat and humidity. Both products can either be applied separately or combined for the smoothest evenly-toned and blemish-free look, and our three-color range fits any skin tone. It comes with SPF 30+ (Made in Taiwan)


The product is housed in decent looking box that is sealed at the top. But you can always open it at the bottom if you don't want to cut off the seal.
The box itself has everything you need to know about the product. It says here that it contains 20g of BB Cream and 5.5 grams of Concealer. I'm quite surprise to know that Fashion21 Ultimate Cover is a taiwan-made product that is imported and distributed by  Cosmetics Revelation Corporation. 
I also appreciate that it has a manufacturing date stamp on the tube itself. 
When Fashion21 emailed me the name of product that they will be sending me, I thought that it’ll just be a bb cream that has a very good coverage, hence, "Ultimate Cover."
Apparently, Ultimate Cover is 2-in-1 product, in a sense that you'll get two separate products for the price of one.
The BB Cream comes in a squeeze tube, as shown above. Unfortunately, I received a damaged nozzle for shade 1. Nevertheless, I didn't have trouble squeezing out some product from the damaged nozzle since the consistency of the bb cream is quite thick and not runny. 
 The concealer is nestled atop in the squeeze tube cap. Honestly, I am not  happy with how the concealer was packed. 
The concealer is covered with a twist-to-lock transparent plastic cap. Since the product itself is sticking out of the packaging, it can get messy when putting back the plastic cap. 


Ultracover came into 3 shades: 1- lightest, 2-medium, 3-darkest. 
The lightest shade suits my skintone, about NC25 in Mac. Unfortunately, the lightest shade available is still dark on much lighter skintone. The BB cream swatches are at the left, while I swatched the concealers are the right.

For the BB Creams, Shade #1 fits my skintone. Though, it has a pink undertone. #2 is slightly darker. #3 is really dark and warm compared to #1 and #2.
For the concealer, #1 fits NC20-25 skintone. #2 is quite dark, I'm guessing NC30-35 on Mac. While #3 is a really dark shade, I like using this as a contouring cream.


The consistency of the BB Cream is quite thick compared to most BB Creams. Though it’s thick, the product blends easily with brush, fingers or sponge. 
For those with oily skin, rejoice as the finish is quite satin, and not dewy at all.The coverage is very sheer, hence, you still need the conceal imperfections with your concealer or with the concealer that came with the bb cream.

Contrary to its claim, the cream concealer isn’t as full coverage as the name implies. Though, it can cover minor imperfections like acne marks. Just make sure to use the “spot” concealing technique when you opt to use this product to cover your acne marks. 

In the photo above, I use concealer #1 on my undereye, then I mix #1 and 2 to cover acne mark, and #2 and #3 to contour. 

Longevity-wise, the concealer is pretty long lasting.  I already washed off my hands but I can still the trace of the swatches of the cream concealer on my arms, especially the dark shade. 

Also, the other day, I used the bb cream and concealer on my face. I walked under the sun without umbrella. 
After 3 hours, I took the photo above. As you can see, my makeup is still intact, my skin looks fresh and radiant. I did retouch my lipstick, though! 


Overall, it's an okay product to try especially if you have strict budget for makeup. 

Most of its claim are true, although I don't think it's an "ultimate cover" bb cream. The coverage is in between sheer to medium. The concealer isn't too opaque to achieve full coverage (ultimate cover). 

Nevertheless, Ultimate Cover has a good longevity, and feels very light on skin. I do like that it blends easily, and provides natural finish on skin. 

  • Affordable
  • 2-in-1 product
  • Light coverage, buildable to medium
  • Feels light as air on skin
  • Good longevity

  • Does not provide ultimate/full coverage
  • Limited Shades

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