Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kracie Hadabisei All-in-1 Facial Mask

Last month, I got so obsessed over Face Masks to the point of having face mask nightmare! Have you also experienced that? When you want something so bad, it follows you even in your dreams!! Kaloka! Anyways, I asked my boyfriend that I really, really need to try this face mask from The Beauty Bar. It was quite pricey at Php 795. My boyfriend was like, “Ang mahal naman niyan for a mask.” And I was like, “Hey, it contains 40 pcs no! Do the math. I normally buy Php 50-80/ pc, but this one contains 40 pcs. Roughly around Php 20 each mask.” Sige, Ijustify mo pa!

Anyways, to cut the story short, I purchased it and went straight home. When I got home, I was freaking disappointed that I did not notice that manufacturing date of the product was 2 years ago! Come on, The Beauty Bar, I trusted you! How can you sell something that has manufacturing date of 2014! Because it's too pricey to throw it away, I decided to use it despite the manufacturing year! Thankfully, it didn’t break me out! 


Kracie says,
Hadabisei is a skincare series that provides intensive care to reduce dryness that causes wrinkles and other skin problems.

A one-step facial care that is used daily right after washing the face. Its triple collagen-filled mask completes the steps for: toner + moisturizer + beauty serum + facial mask. 


Kracie is a Japan-brand. All the masks are inside the resealable pack, neatly folded together. 
The mask itself is quite thick yet soft, just like a typical face mask. Unlike most Korean mask, Kracie’s mask is wider and too big for my face. But that’s okay with me so that those with wide face can also use this mask. Sometimes, I wonder why mask can’t come in different sizes, right?


The scent reminds of a toner. The consistency isn’t too oily nor too watery. I like putting the pack in the refrigerator because it feels nicer on my face. And also to avoid the serum from evaporating since all 40 pcs are not separately pack. 

Kracie recommended to leave the mask for 5-10 minutes, and wiping of any excess liquid after. In my case, I normally leave it for 15 minutes at least. I don’t like wiping off the excess kasi sayang naman, db? That’s what you paid for. The serum will easily be absorbed by my skin anyways.

My skin feels soft and supple the next morning after using the serum. A pack of Kracie mask contains 3 kinds of collagen that penetrate the inner and outer skin layers, and 30 kinds of beauty essences that moisturizes and nurture skin.
Honestly, it’s not the best mask I’ve tried. I still prefer Korean mask (snail) over this. However, since I use face mask for everyday, I think it’s more economical for me to purchase this. You see, Korean mask would cost around Php 50 at least. That’s a minimum of Php 350/month, or Php 1,500/month. Hence, to save up, I use Kracie as my face mask for daily use then I treat my skin with other much more expensive face mask every once in a while. 





Overall, I recommend it. But make sure to check the manufacturing date of your Kracie mask before buying it over The Beauty Bar store. It’s affordable and it works great. It made my skin appear softer and supple. The texture of my skin has improved as well. 

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