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In my facebook page and instagram, I shared with you the foundations I purchased for 2016. All in all, I accumulated 9 foundations for the 2016 alone. I don’t normally shift from one foundation to another. I’ve been a loyal user of Kate Tokyo Foundation for more than a year, and Mary Kay foundation before it. However, when brands went on “sale” for foundations, I got excited and purchased all of them. Lol. And now, I realized I have too many foundations and I cannot use them all at once. Hence, I will probably include most of them at my pre-loved sale on my facebook page. But before putting it on sale, I want to share with you my thoughts on the products and which of these products will be included in my sale. 


I dislike squeeze-tube kind of packaging for foundation as the cap can get too dirty. Pump is still the best way to dispense off foundation, and it’s very hygienic! 
I truly appreciate Kate Tokyo Powderless Foundation packaging when it comes to travelling. It is made from plastic, hence, very lightweight in my makeup kit. Nevertheless, I also appreciate Loreal True Match and Sansan HD glass packaging as it is more environmental-friendly, but finds it a bit heavy to travel with.


Mary Kay has a runny liquid consistency, and all others are in between thick to runny consistency. Despite that, Mary Kay provides quite an excellent coverage. 

Kate Tokyo Powderless foundation - Holy Grail foundation for more than a year because it applies easily, and blends nicely; I like the natural-looking finish it gives my skin. Also, since it’s powderless foundation, this foundation is always the one I bring with me in my travels (overnight vacation or sleepovers) as I can wear it on its own (without setting it with powder) – unlike the ordinary foundations wherein I need to set it with powder.

Inglot YSM – I haven’t really tested this one thoroughly since the shade I got is too dark for my skintone; I got it at a group in Facebook hence the wrong shade. I wasn’t able to swatch it myself. Anyways, Inglot is very light on skin and blends so well. This is probably the lightest from the bunch I’ve tried.

Loreal True Match – blends really well, has good range of colors and looks so natural on skin. I have 2 things I don’t like about it: (1) not good for summer weather and (2) takes time to set on skin.

Mary Kay Matte Wear Foundation – my new holy grail liquid foundation as it is excellent in controlling oil; and among all the foundations I’ve tried, this is the only foundation that can withstand our summer weather!

Revlon Colorstay – I hate the packaging. I hate it so much as it doesn’t have pump with it. It is always impossible for me not to pour excess products on my hand. It provides excellent coverage, but feels heavy on skin. While it has good longevity, I find that it doesn’t control my oil that much (the weather is too hot recently!)

San San Matte liquid foundation – it’s very affordable and has good longevity. It’s really good for its price. I have not found any foundation as good as this on its price range. Although, this feels quite heavy on my skin. I definitely can feel like I’m wearing foundation.

San San HD Foundation – I read so many raves on it on TMUR, but I still think that the matte liquid version is better and cheaper. This one feels a bit tacky on skin, hence I need to set it really well with powder. However, it has a nice finish and good longevity. 


Among all the foundations, I think my perfect shade is Kate Tokyo OC-C, although I like my liquid foundations to be a little bit lighter than my skintone. 
I always receive tons of inquiries about shade matching on foundations every time I’ll post a foundation on my page. So, I decided to show you how they look like when swatched on my arms. 

On the photos below, as you can see, I have two swatches per shade. The reason for that is for you to see which foundation oxidizes on skin

On the left: how it looks like after few seconds, on the right: newly swatched.

Inglot #43 – too dark for my skintone. Though, as you noticed, it didn’t oxidize on my skin.
Kate Tokyo in BR-C – too light for my skin, I sometimes use this to some parts of my face that I want to lift; it didn’t oxidize on my skin.
Kate Tokyo in OC-B – this suits my face skintone perfectly; it didn’t oxidize on me, although you can see that the texture has change from crème to powder finish.
Kate Tokyo in OC-C – I’m really surprised that it went darker because I don’t normally notice that this foundation oxidizes on my skin when I’m wearing it; but yeah, the test showed otherwise.
Loreal True Match in Gold Ivory – didn’t oxidize on me.
Mary Kay Matte Wear foundation in Ivory 05- as you can see, the shade went darker; that’s the only problem I had with Mary Kay, it oxidizes on me. Hence, I always get the lightest shade available. 
Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige – though not obvious in the photo below, this one oxidizes too! I do not use this foundation that much because my skin looks too dark after few hours.
San San Matte in Ivory – didn’t oxidize;
San San HD Foundation – oxidizes a little.

Oxidization of foundation is when it appears orangey or 1-2 shades darker on your face few minutes after application. There are several reason why foundation oxidizes: it reacts with facial oils on your face particularly for those with oily skin; reacts with pH of skin (if you are acidic); or applying sunblock/sunscreen prior to foundation as chemicals react with each other; temperature can also help in the oxidation, the hotter the temperature the more likely your foundation will oxidize; 


Kate Tokyo Powderless foundation – I will probably keep 1 or 2 shades, I might include BR-C in the preloved sale

Inglot – definitely, it will be put on sale! The shade is too dark for my skintone

Loreal True Match – still undecided. But I’ll probably keep it for now. This might be a good foundation on cold days; but will never use it on summer! 

Mary Kay Matte Wear– duh! Keep it, of course! This is my holy grail foundation for summer

Revlon Colorstay – sell it!!

San San – I might sell the liquid foundation since I don’t need too many foundations; nevertheless, I will still recommend the matte liquid foundation but not the HD. 

Have you tried any of this foundation? What's your fave?

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