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Everyday Makeup with Mary Kay Cosmetics

If I would define Mary Kay products in two words, it’ll be: quality and expensive! I know I always say that price doesn’t always guarantee quality. But quality, not always but most of the time, comes at a price. There’s always a reason why something is much expensive than the others. Perhaps, they spend more on ingredients and quality check/control.

Mary Kay is a brand that offers good quality products. Hindi basta basta at hindi mo ikakahiya ibenta. This is why I’m very confident in the products that I’m selling especially those that I have really tried and tested.  

In today’s post, I’ll share with you a simple everyday makeup look using my Mary Kay products, and of course, I’ll also include a short and honest review on these products.


Skincare is a very important step before makeup. You need to clean your face then apply moisturizer. Currently, I have been really loving the Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser because it lathers really nicely on skin. I also like using it with Skinvigorate brush twice a week. For moisturizer, I still use my Olay moisturizer but will definitely shift to Timewise Anti-ageing Moisturizer when I run out of my Olay. 
For face makeup, I always start with Primer. For primer, you can either use the Oil mattifier or Foundation primer from Mary Kay. In this makeup look, I opted to use the foundation primer because it has SPF 15. I noticed that the finish of foundation looks better with this primer underneath, although it doesn’t do much on oil control.

Next is foundation. Mary Kay has two formulations for foundation: the matte-wear (for oily skin) and luminous (for dry skin). Since I have oily skin, I prefer the matte wear formulation. I swear by this, I have not touched any of my foundation since I got this. In fact, I ditched some of my foundations because of this. 
I applied the foundation on the left and right half of my face (photo below and above) so you can see the coverage of the foundation.
I normally apply just one layer of this foundation, and another layer on areas where I need more coverage because it has a buildable coverage. Meaning, the more layer I apply, the more coverage I get. Although I wouldn’t recommend pilling up 3 layers on skin as it has the tendency to look cakey especially on dry areas of the face. Also, I always opt for the lighter shade of foundation since this foundation oxidizes on my skin

After foundation, I like doing my eyebrows. I used the Mary Kay Brow definer in Classic blonde and I was so impressed with the formulation. The pencil is quite soft and waxy hence tames the hair in place. However, since it is soft, I tend to sharpen it every now and then. 
Then, I use Mary Kay Mineral Pressed Powder to set my liquid foundation in place. The mineral powder is very silky and smooth on skin. If only you can touch my skin now. Anyways ,since this is just a pressed powder, it doesn’t provide any coverage just like your typical setting powder. But this powder truly helps minimize the appearance of lines and pores. 
Of course, the next steps are putting colors on my cheeks and lips. Mary Kay has a really, really amazing blushes! I am so loving all the shades of their blushes: Shy, Strawberry Cream and Champagne. Shy is the exact dupe of Nars Orgasm. You can’t tell the difference on swatch and on my cheeks. 
Mary Kay Crème Lipstick in Toffee is a caramel-brown shade that looks gorgeous on many skintone. If you have darker skintone, this lipstick will appear like pinkish nude but on my skintone, it’s a pinky brown. 

I will do a separate review on each product mentioned above. 

Overall, I’m really impressed with the quality of Mary Kay products. It may be expensive but you will really get what you paid for (in a good way!). The quality, the packaging… are really exceptional! 

If I would recommended just 3 products from the brand that you should get, I will definitely recommend the liquid foundation, blushes and the concealer! 

What are your favorite Mary Kay products?

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