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3D Eyebrow Stranding at Strokes by Momoi Supe

Among all the makeup routine, eyebrows, for me, is the most important. I really take time in doing my brows… so much time that I need to wake up super early so i’ll have more time to fill it up. For me and probably half of my readers, kilay is life! I just don’t mind spending money for it. And I really think that doing your kilay makes a lot of difference in your  overall look.

I never skip doing my brows because I feel naked whenever I don’t have any brow makeup since mine is naturally thin. I honestly get jelly with those who are blessed with thick brows! I think having thick brows is amazing, you just have to groom it well. 

Anyways, almost 3 years ago, I attended an event sponsored by Browhaus. I witnessed their “brow resurrection” service. Brow resurrection is semi-permanent treatment for brows that boasts a more detailed and natural stroke, finer than normal brow embroidery techniques. In some brow salon, they call it “Brow stranding” or “3D Tattoo” or "Eyebrow embroidery". To know more about eyebrow embroidery, kindly visit my previous post here.

Ever since I witnessed the brow stranding, I’ve always wanted to try it out. However, the price is quite steep at Php 38,000 right? 

Fortunately, a good online friend of mine, Diane Mendoza recommended me to try Strokes by Momoi Supe

According to them, the procedure can lasts up to 2 years and costs Php 10,000 (Senior ES, Keighty Wong) and Php 14,000 (Master ES, Momoi Supe). That includes a retouch after 6 weeks. The regular price for retouch is Php 5,000.

I availed the Master ES Service. 

I was scheduled for the procedure last May 27. The place is near to Quezon Avenue station. Since i don’t know how to drive, I always take grabcar. You can easily google its location thru that application. 

I arrived on time. The place is quite small, and jampacked with clients. Although jam packed with clients, they won’t make you wait for long without doing anything. While Moi’s doing the other client’s brows, his assistant shaped my brows. Thereafter, he applied a certain cream on my brows. I believe the procedure is very similar to that of the browhaus’ process. So I won’t no longer discuss it step by step here.

Anyways, the whole procedure was more or less one and half hour. It did hurt a little, but the pain was tolerable.

After the procedure, my brows look thick and weird. The skin around my brows turned really red.   The attendant gave me a special oil. He then told me to apply the oil whenever it feels itchy or once it starts scabbing. Also, he instructed me not to wet it for 24 hours. 

I was so hungry after the treatment, so I went to the nearest restaurant to have my dinner. Honestly, though I felt my brows was too thick, nobody really cared. I finished my dinner without people staring at my brows! Siguro, hindi lang  ako sanay with that kind of brows.

NIGHT 1: As instructed, I didn’t wet my brows. I only used makeup remover to remove my makeup and wet wipes to clean my face. 
I also wash the lower face of my face using soap and water, avoiding my brow areas.
DAY 1: I woke up looking like Betty La Fea. My brows looked thicker and darker. I didn’t go out of the house the entire day. It was also a challenge to take a bath and wash face without wetting the eyebrow area. But i need to wait for 24 hours!!!

DAY 2: My sister, who had her brows done in Singapore, told me that she didn’t wet her brows for a week as instructed to her during the procedure. Wow, 24 hours was already a challenge for me. what more kung 1 week, right? So I messaged Momoi’s page to ask for clarification. But I didn’t received a reply. I couldn’t wait any longer to I just washed my face since it’s been past 24 hours already naman. 
After, doon lang ako nakareceive ng reply that I should wait for 3 days daw. But it’s already too late. I already wet my brows. huhu. The instruction in a paper they gave me also indicate that I can wet it after 24 hours. So, i just let it be. Since i can no longer unwet it. I decided to just apply the ointment/oil they gave me. 
They told me to apply the oil 3-4 times a day to help my skin heal from scabbing and helps retain the pigment on my skin. I was not allowed to go on swimming, sweat in gym, apply eyebrow makeup in brow area, and apply anti-ageing creams for 10 days. 

DAY 3: My brows are still dark. It started scabbing, and  appread patchy already. 
DAY 4: Nothing much has changed. Still scabbing.
DAY 5: The scabbing was more obvious. My brows turned really patchy. And it felt more itchy. I applied oil more frequently, almost every now and then. 

After a week, I messaged Supe Moimoi’s page inquiring why my brows look patchy and some areas faded already. They told me that it’s normal. I asked if I can already schedule a retouch session since I don't like how it looked-like. 

They told me that I need to wait for 3 weeks. But the schedules were always full. The next available schedule was 1st week of August. I always make sure kasi to have the procedure done on weekend so washing my face will be less a hassle. 

Anyways, I had my retouch last August 6. I can still feel the pain of the procedure, but again, it was still tolerable. 

The result of the retouch was way, way better than the initial procedure.
I didn’t apply any eye makeup until the 3rd week. My brows looked perfectly beautiful and fuller on its first week. 
Then it started fading a little on 2nd week. Then, it faded more on its 3rd week. Hence, i already decided to start filling them up again with brow pencil. Excuse my no makeup look in the photo below, it's the time of the month again, hence my pimples.
The right brow is still intact and nothing much has changed since the procedure. But the left brow starts fading and appear uneven already. Although still better than how it looks like before the retouch procedure.

It’s been almost 3 months since my first procedure (3 weeks from my retouch) and honestly, i don’t think that mine will last even a year or half. Even after the retouch.

They said that the procedure will lasts 2 years, and I doubt it.

The right brows which has more hair is still perfectly fine. But the left brow has already faded.

According to the instruction and disclaimer they gave, the result varies differently on people. Diane’s brows are still amazing according to her, and even after few months, she hasn’t availed the free retouch yet. Mine has different story. In just three months, I already availed the retouch session, and still, the left brow has faded quickly. 

To sum it up, Strokes by Momoi Supe offers one of the most affordable eyebrow stranding services. Also, I really like that it is Moi himself who'll do your brows. He's very nice, and welcoming (the entire team was very accomodating). Service-wise, I have nothing but praises. 

However, it terms of result, I hope he'll understand that I'm quite disappointed. I paid Php 14,000, and the embroidery didn't even last half a month. But to be fair, I still need to try eyebrow embroidery service from other brow establishments. In fact, I’m thinking of having my brows retouch at Pretty looks or Keighty Wong after a month or two, for the sake of comparing the service. Baka naman kasi, the problem was really with my brows. Baka naman talaga na no matter what they do, my skin just doesn’t hold the pigment. I don’t know yet! 

Despite that, I don’t regret having eyebrow stranding and i'm still looking to forward having my retouch sessions with other brow establishments. Honestly, I had the best days before it started fading after three weeks of retouch session. My prep time was cut by 10-15 minutes because I no longer need to fill in my brows. I can go out of the house without makeup. And I still look perfectly presentable even if I have just woken up. 

Just remember: Make sure not to schedule any important event a week after the embroidery. Have a week to recover. 

For all kilay-is-life girls, let me know if you have tried any brow embroidery procedure and how it turned out. 

Until then, my loves! 

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  1. I hope Momoi Supe's work have already improved because this looks bad. I can see the strokes and it doesn't look natural at all. It's too deep, and would probably last long because it's too deep. People are more aware now that there are better artists but that he started this together with Prettylooks that's why he got away with this kind of work.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo