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Hi guys!! I’m finally back.. and I’m back to review one of the most raved foundations today. The ever famous “Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation”. 

This foundation was highly recommended by Anna Cay in her videos. I’m a huge fan of Anna because of her thorough review on make up products. I also like how honest she is in giving reviews on a particular product – sponsored or not. Lastly, majority of the products she recommended (of course, only those I can afford) in her videos worked really well on me.

If you want to know more about this product, keep on reading!


MJ says,
Get 24-hour wear and flawless coverage in an instant with this ultralightweight foundation concentrate. Featuring a revolutionary oil-free formula that contains twice as much pigment as a leading full-coverage foundation, it’s infused with innovative ingredients that completely cover with spot-on perfection. It’s enriched with Marc Jacobs’ patented golden pigments that are wrapped in lecithin—an ingredient that’s biochemically similar to skin—for immediate, effortless blending and a smooth, soft matte finish. This foundation has a one-of-a-kind dot applicator that allows for custom coverage. Just shake, dot, and blend for perfectly-matte coverage.


The packaging is truly a beauty! It’s simple yet luxurious. This foundation came into this frosted glass bottle with metallic silver-ring, and black cap. 
To open the product, you need to remove the black cap and then twist the metallic cap to reveal its unique applicator. 
While the packaging looked luxurious, there are two things I didn’t like about the packaging. 

First, I don’t like that I need to remove the black cap and applicator separately. I still like the conventional packaging wherein the applicator is already attached with the cap.
Second, while I’m already getting used with the dot-applicator, I still hate how messy it can get when dispensing off the product especially around the rim. It’s a shame to waste such precious product.
But overall, the packaging looks really good. The glass is thick, heavy and very durable. It fell out of my hands (yes, I am that reckless!) several times but it didn’t break.


The shade I got is in 12 Ivory --- quite light for my NC25 skin. However, this foundation oxidizes like crazy so you really need to get few shades lighter.


Twice as much pigment as a leading full-coverage foundation --- true to its claim, this foundation has got to be the most full-coverage foundation I have ever tried in my life so far! BUT despite the full coverage, this foundation feels incredibly light on skin. Seriously! It’s the lightest with the highest coverage foundation ever
I only use 3-4 dots to cover my entire face. Then double it up (as concealer) to areas where I need more coverage.
I like applying this foundation with damp beauty blender (for light, more natural effect ) or a not-so-dense stippling brush (if you want a little bit more coverage). The effect it gives my skin is flawless. However, due to its high coverage, this foundation can look “fake” on skin and is more evident after setting it with a powder. To avoid that matte-fake-mask-like skin, the key is to use a setting spray, mist or water at the last step of your makeup routine. I also avoid using flat top brush or kabuki as it tends to make the foundation really cakey on skin. 
Also you need to note that since this foundation is really matte, this can emphasize dryness and exaggerates pores on skin. I always make sure to use primer underneath. Maybelline baby skin or Benefit poreless primer worked really well on me.

Despite the fact that this foundation provides amazing coverage while still feels extremely light on skin, I still have love-hate relationship with this foundation. 

This foundation looks heavenly on the first few hours then starts to look very patchy on my skin especially on my forehead, chin and nose. It clings on every lines and pores of my face. I tried using it with several techniques but I always end up with a cakey face.

So what I do, I blend those cakeyness away with my fingers, and then I blot it off with Gatsby powder paper. 

It was quite a hassle that I need to check myself at the middle of the day to see if my foundation has turned cakey or not. While the problem can be fixed easily, I still wish that the formulation will be better since the price was really steep.

Last week, I had my diamond peel treatment at Skin House. Surprisingly, this foundation doesn’t cake that much anywhere. I guess, you really need to start with a good skin to make it work for you. Otherwise, you’ll end up with cake and fake-looking skin. 


This foundation is really good if you already have a good, well-moisturized skin. The coverage is insanely good and feels amazingly light as if you are not wearing foundation at all. However, if you’ll ask me if I will repurchase it again, I don’t think I’ll repurchase it again. Yes, it is probably the best foundation in terms of coverage but there are far more important things than coverage – at least for me! 
The price is steep, at Php 3,000 I expect so much more for a foundation. The cakiness can be unforgiving– too much hassle for a very expensive foundation.  But again, this is just me! I heard so much good things about this foundation from my friends online, and my sister is so obsessed with. If you have extra money and don’t mind spending that much on a foundation, you might want to check this out.

Don’t worry, in case it didn’t work out on you, you can sell it as preloved. This foundation sells so easily online. Goodluck, ladies! 

Have you tried this foundation? What is your fave foundation for oily skin?

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  1. Nice review! Check out my blog too as I also have a review on the MJ foundation :)

  2. I have seen many good reviews about this foundation. I am really wondering to get one, but there is no store in U.K from where I can check my shade and purchase one. Moreover, I am very new in makeup line, recently just done with my makeup lesson by Lina, who trains makeup lessons for beginners by expert . Can you please suggest me a perfect match for NC42?


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo