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Eloisa Co is a 22 years old Licensed Civil Engineer and now taking her second degree course of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering. She will be taking her Board Examination for Sanitary on February 2015. She likes sharing her thoughts on beauty-related things and decided to create a blog on Oct 25, 2010.

A message from the Author:

Before I started blogging, I was once an avid reader. Every day, I read blogs about makeup, cosmetics, beauty and fashion-related things. I was inspired to create my own blog about beauty related things and so I created my own blog! Askmewhats of Ms. Nikki was my inspiration and the reason why I started blogging. She is a great makeup artist and very passionate with her work. She tries to update her blog every single day! But for me, what made her my top favorite blogger is her honesty in doing reviews. So when I created my own blog, I told myself, “Honesty will define me as a blogger!”

When I created my own blog, I never thought I could make it this far. Blogging can be frustrating at times, no matter how easy it may seem. You have to give time and effort. It can get expensive, too! No wonder why there were times when I already think of giving up blogging and focus with my "real" life. Then I remember why I started blogging and it snaps me right back into place.

This blog is more than just telling reviews on products. Blogging, for me, is a platform of connecting to the World. It's fun to meet people from different parts of the World and share your stories and opinions about certain things. Hence, this blog isn't really just about ME. It's about YOU and ME. Without YOU, who keeps inspiring me to blog and constantly reminding me why I should blog, I wouldn't really make it this far.

Thank you so much… you guys keep me going!


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Skin type: Combination
Skin tone: Medium with yellow undertone

For my foundation shades:
Mac – NC 30
Maybelline Pure pact foundation – OC2
Elf foundation – Beige
Mary Kay Liquid Foundation – Beige 2
Venus and Mars РMocha Cr̬me
Makeup Designory – YG2
Faceshop Phytogenic NB25
Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake Foundation – Organza
Ellana Mineral – Hazelnutt Latte
Laneige BB Cream Cushion- 21 - Natural Beige

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