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The Best Lip Cheek Tint Ever: KJM Lip and Cheek Tint

This product is insanely the “best seller” product on my shop. I have sold thousands and thousands of tubes already! I restock around 2,000 pcs of KJM in just two to three weeks! 
But it’s not surprising as I personally use this product. And I dare to say that it is the “best” lip cheek tint product I have ever used so far (and I’m a sucker for lip tint products ha!)
Even Sofia Andres, Alexa Ilacad and Elise featured this on their top favorite products. In one of Sofia’s ig post, she said that KJM Lip Cheek tint is her favorite lip cheek product EVER! I couldn’t agree more. 

To know more about the product, keep on reading!


KJM says,
KJM Lip Cheek Tints are meant to enhance natural tones, this explains why stains may look different from one person to another. Results depend on how much stain you put in too. The colors will develop overtime, making the stain look more natural and beautiful


Unlike the typical lip cheek tint, this one came with a tube packaging with a roll-on type applicator. KJM is a water-based lip cheek tint --which is why i think roll-on is the "perfect" applicator. Brush applicator or doe foot applicator are nice, but it will  work best for gel-type lip cheek tint.
Recently they changed the bottle to plastic instead of the typical glass tube. I honestly like the glass-one better as it looks nicer and more sleek. However, the plastic one is quite lighter hence cheaper when you ship it in bulk orders.


KJM was quite liquidy than the typical lip cheek tint I’ve tried in the past. The idea of roll-on applicator is that you could apply the product directly on your lip and cheeks, but I still prefer applying the product with my fingers so that I get to control the amount of product on my cheeks and it blends more easily that way. 
It gives my cheeks the most natural flushed! I particularly love Fused or Girltalk on my cheeks as these shades look very, very natural. If you have dry cheeks like I do, I highly, highly recommend you to apply primer underneath. Smoothening primer ha, not a matte primer as it will make it even more difficult to apply. I can recommend Maybelline Baby Skin primer, it works so well with this one!
In terms of longevity, this stays on throughout the day on my cheeks. I don’t retouch at all. However, you need to be very careful in applying it as it is very pigmented.
For my lips, I’m so inlove with Bittersweet magenta!!! It is very beautiful on lips, and it goes with any (yes, ANY!) makeup look! I seriously love this shade.


KJM Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Stain is available in 10 shades, from Sweet Pink to Bloody Reds to Vampy shade.  

The best seller shade. It has cool, red-brown shade, I’m not sure why they called it Magenta because it doesn’t look magenta on me. But it’s a very pretty shade, I cannot stop wearing this shade. This looks stunningly natural on cheeks too! If you don’t like wearing “too pink” or “too red” shade, you might want to check this out.
For all red-lip lovers, this is another best seller shade you might want to check out. It’s a true-bloody red. I am honestly not a fan of red shades, but my sister loves this so much. It gives her a nice, flushed of red on her cheeks. 
Orange is the new red for summer! Though, the shade is wearable all year round in my opinion. 
Summer kiss is an orange-red shade while Tango has more coral-tone to it. Both are pretty shades. Tango is a good alternative in case Summer kiss goes out of stock, or vice versa.
The name says it all. It’s a dark -- it’s probably the shade that a witch will wear on a daily basis (if they exist!). 
Please allow me to be biased with pinks. But this is one of my fave shades because I absolutely love pink cheeks. It looks fresh and youthful! I really recommend this shade for all pink lovers
Is similar to Pink Puff, but pinkier. Another pretty shade to have, I love it as well. It’s a little bit darker than pink puff.  
A lovely violet-pink shade. It’s another fave shade of mine. At first I thought that violet would look scary and unnatural on cheeks but apparently, this shade gives one of the most natural effects on my cheeks!  
This one is the most purple in the collection. It’s quite an adventurous shade, but not that scary to wear. 
This has got to be my most worn shade among all the shades on my cheeks. It has the right balance of “pink” and “violet” that looks really beautiful on my cheeks. 

Watch the clip below for complete swatches 


I have nothing but good words for this product! This lip tint is made from organic ingredients – and also edible! Though it has a weird sweet and bitter taste.
The packaging is quite unique, it has roll-on applicator instead of the typical foot-doe applicator. 
You can wear it over or underneath your powder. However, I noticed that this product is easier to blend on an un-powdered skin. 
I highly recommend using smoothening primer, like Maybelline Baby Skin, if you have dry skin and you intend to use this on your cheeks. I swear by it! 

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